Argo Hytos Proportional Valves


The Argo Hytos proportional valve range enable continuous combined control of flow or pressure. The valves include an electronic control unit mounted into the valve housing or separately in an electrical cabinet. Pressure scales stabilize the pressure drop in proportional directional control valves to ensure the independent control of the load. The proportional directional control valve PRM-9 series can be connected to the CAN-bus.



The full model line up is as follows:

  • The PRM valves act as proportional directional valves. The model line follows:
    • PRM2-04, PRM2-06, PRM6-10, PRM8-06, PRMR2-06, PMRF2-04, PRMF2-06, PMRF2-10, PRM7-04, PRM7-06, PRM9-06, PRM7-10, PRM9-10 and models acting as proportional, directional control valves
  • The PRL series are dynamic response proportional valves. The model range includes:
    • PRL1 and PRL2 valves
  • The SR1 valves are direct acting relief and pressure control valves. The model range comprises:
    • SR1P2-A2 and SRN1P1-A2 valves
  • The SR4 series are pilot operated, relief proportional pressure control valves. The range follows:
    • SR4P2-B2 and SRN4P1-B2
  • The PP2 and PVRM range valves have a reducing and reliving function, and operate as direct acting proportional valves. The model line up includes:
    • PP2P1-W3 and PP2P3-W3 valves, alongside the PVRM1-063 and PVRM3-103 valves.
  • The SP4 series are proportional pressure control, pilot operated valved. They provide a reducing and relieving function. The list of models comprises:
    • SP4P1-B4, SP4P2-B3 and SPN4P1-B3 valves.
  • TheĀ  PVRR1-063 valve model is a proportional pressure reducing and relieving valve with a manually operation.
  • The TV2 range comprises 2 and 3 way pressure compensators. The line up follows:
    • Two way valves: TV2-042/M, TV2-062/M, TV2-102/S and TV2-102/M. Three way valves: TV2-103/S and TV2-103/M 3 way pressure compensators.
  • The TV3 range pressure compensator valve range comprises:
    • TV3-043/M, TV3-063/M and TV3-063/S